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Tuesday, 6. November 2018

Melting Si: Beyond Density Functional Theory

Pair correlation function of l-Si at 1680 K for different density functionals

Published in Physical Review Letters

Wednesday, 19. September 2018

Absolute timing of the photoelectric effect

Published in Nature

Friday, 4. May 2018

Impact of Many-Body Effects on Landau Levels in Graphene

Published in Physical Review Letters

Monday, 23. April 2018

Fork Tensor-Product States: Efficient Multiorbital Real-Time DMFT Solver

Published in Physical Review X

Monday, 19. March 2018

Large tunable valley splitting in edge-free graphene quantum dots on boron nitride

Published in Nature Nanotechnology

Monday, 19. February 2018

Solid-state electron spin lifetime limited by phononic vacuum modes

Published in Nature Materials

Wednesday, 11. October 2017

Polaron Bricklayers at Work on Surfaces

Published in Physical Review X

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